Pormenor rosé Doc Douro 2016

Pormenor rosé Doc Douro 2016

Original article: Pormenor rosé Doc Douro 2016

By: Mário Rodrigues

Coming from old vines over 50 years old (characteristic of the vineyards of this producer), a rosé of intense color, good structure, volume and interesting end of mouth.

A rosé that shows clearly the evolution that these wines have had and in particular of this producer, being a peculiar wine, with old vines and in altitude, coming from the typical varieties of the region – roriz ink, rufete, French touriga, and Baroque ink.

With the stage up to the bottling in old and used barrels of French oak, this rosé appears interesting, quite gastronomic but also can be appreciated without any accompaniment, although a good company is the ideal accompaniment.

Selected wine to be present at the event of Alivetaste – Sabores da vida 2017 (video), held at Palácio do Freixo.