about us

Pormenor wines arise in Douro in 2013 by the hand and dream of 3 friends – José Silva, Miguel Cardozo and Pedro Coelho.

Linked to the wine in an indirect way, families embrace grandparents who worked as oak barrel producers and parents as cork producers, was missing someone producing good wine. It was a question of time untill Pormenor wines has born.

Families came together under a fundamental premise, Douro – the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

Pormenor wants to produce wines that grab and tell stories. Wines that express the real and what we consider the best of Douro: Soils, Old Vines, Old Grapes and Climate are are the main actors allied to the hands and feet of those who work all the elements using traditional winemaking techniques in harmony and respect for the traditional grapes.

Our philosophy is to produce wines with minimal intervention in the winemaking process, using only old vines and natural yeasts. The youngest vine has 50 years old going to more than 100 years. All planted in high altitude, in different places in Douro. The places we consider the best for each type of wine. Natural inheritance of the hands that planted the vines many years ago, in places that we consider the most indicated to express the quality of wines produced in Douro.

We dont assume ouselves as a biodynamic or a natural producer although we do not inoculate yeasts or use any kind of non natural product. The work is done in a very non-interventive way letting the natural conditions of each vintage can be expressed in a bottle of wine.

It´s a question of self-philosophy searching for wines that tend to have moderate alcohol degree and looking for high fresheness alied with a traditional wine making process.
In harmony and respect for the traditional grapes, we look to produce honest wines, whose ideology is attached to the minimum of intervention. We prefer to keep chemical technologies out of the winemaking process, letting the knowledge of years of experience work by itself.

Fresh and elegant wines are expected. Wines that give pleasure to drink.

The old maximum is followed … The Devil is in the Detail.

White grapes from Pombal de Ansiães – Douro Superior and red grapes from Soutelo do Douro and Nagozelo do Douro – Cima Corgo, both with common characteristics, exclusively from old vines planted at high altitudes and typically grape varieties drom Douro.

The devil
is in the detail!

the founders

The team consists in three members, all linked to the wine in some way. Pedro’s grandfather was a manufacturer of oak barrels. José Silva, Miguel Cardozo and Pedro Coelho are descendants of families linked to the cork industry.

Naturally, was missing someone in the families dedicated to the production of wine. It was a question of time untill we have, Pormenor.

José Silva

José Silva

Miguel Cardozo

Miguel Cardozo

Pedro Coelho

Pedro Coelho